20 Popular Food Festivals From Around The World To Visit In 2022 With Dates

    From a multistage music festival featuring the best of a city’s restaurants to gatherings focused on a particular regional dish, the stops on our heterogeneous mix tour are rich in local food and culture. It is a two-week festival that ends on the first Sunday in October. They have a variety of beers to choose from and gallons of beer are consumed every day during this festival. Even if you’re not a big beer lover, Oktoberfest also has several culinary delights like roast chicken, pretzels, and sausages.

    Then macaron masters with the Prince of Pastry of Bali, Rafi Papazian; make the healing herbal drink Jamu; cooking with clay pots and wood stoves in a traditional paon; and breathe deeply into a fiery sambal. In addition to cooking, consider the introductory course on Indonesian language and culture, led by an instructor from the Cinta Bahasa Indonesian Language School. For four days in early March, the Taste of Sydney festival takes over Sydney’s verdant Centennial Parklands, minutes Oktoberfest 2023 from the Four Seasons Hotel Sydney. Wine tastings and butcher and pastry demonstrations add an interactive element, and an artisan market of local ingredients and products means you can enjoy long after the festival ends. More than 60 dishes from notable Sydney chefs, such as Mark Best and Nelly Robinson, are the main attraction. Try grilled octopus, shrimp toast okonomiyaki, and lamb skewers, then retreat to a glamping tent with a glass of Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc.

    Foodies will appreciate gourmet sausages, smoked salmon and game meat, while adventurers will love offbeat ones like fish eyes, scorpions, pig ears and duck heads. Melbourne reaffirms itself as a gastronomic hotspot every March with a full programme of gastronomic events at Melbourne’s annual Food and Wine Festival. Taste, taste and taste the state of Victoria’s abundant seasonal produce in tastings, cooking masterclasses and banquets. Locations range from food markets and rooftop bars to boutique vineyards and award-winning restaurants. The two-day event is filled with music, shows, cooking demonstrations, competitions, and plenty of delicious food to try. The festival has several events during the four days with demonstrations of famous chefs from all over the world, as well as the exhibition of the amazing local chefs of Nevis.

    When planning a culinary adventure, keep in mind that in addition to the culinary experience, many food and wine festivals offer a variety of activities to whet your appetite or burn some calories. The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Cake Festival, is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar. Families come together to celebrate the harvest of the year and make offerings to the moon goddess Chang’e. Sweet mooncakes made from lotus paste with an egg yolk center are often eaten, and children carry lanterns to commemorate the event. This amazing festival is celebrated throughout Asia, including China, Vietnam, Singapore and Taiwan. The March Hokitika Wild Food Festival in New Zealand is a culinary adventure for those whose taste buds are looking for extra thrills.

    There is also a wealth of live entertainment, including rock/pop bands and traditional pub games. This colorado food festival has certainly retained the title “classic” in its name, as for 34 years it has become one of America’s most important culinary events. More than 5,000 foodies attend this 3-day event in the mountains, featuring more than 550 restaurant and wine professionals and more than 70 famous chefs, including Jacques Pépin, Gale Simmons, Curtis Stone and many others. The highlight of the festival is the Grand Tasting Pavilion, a magical place where foodies can taste wine and food from all over the world.