Animals of Central America

    Central America has a wide variety of wildlife, from many insects to birds and various mammals. This wide range is partly due to the different types of fauna in the region, from open meadows to rainforests, which gives Central America such a dynamic mix in its ecosystem.

    Due to its location, you can see the wildlife of Central America as a meeting place for tropical animals in South America and the most numerous of them in North America. Perhaps best seen in the spread of big cats in Central America, including cougars, cougars and jaguars. People may be more familiar with cougars appearing in some parts of the United States, and jaguars may be associated with the Amazon in South America, but they do exist in Central America, albeit in smaller numbers. Unfortunately, these numbers are declining due to hunting and the destruction of their preferred habitat, such as rainforests.

    The rainforests that cover much of Central America have relatively few mammals, but they are teeming with insects and reptiles. This is mainly because the rainforests are unusually busy, and there is very little room on earth to survive. In addition to reptiles and insects, perhaps the second most common species of animals are monkeys living in the area.

    Snakes are common in the rainforests of Central America, but some people mistakenly believe that anaconda can be found in this region because of its existence in the Amazon. This is not the case, however, in the area there are other squeezing snakes that can still grow to amazing lengths. Aside from the conductors, you have several tree snakes and a few venomous ones. Therefore, the territory should pay a lot of attention, but because of the large number of species it is impossible to understand and recognize them all. Another most common species of reptile in this region is a lizard. In Central America, you can find several species, the most common of which are iguana and gecko. In some areas they are even sold as meat as a local delicacy. This meat hunt increases the pressure on their numbers due to the destruction of rainforests.

    One of the species of animals commonly associated with the tropics is brightly colored birds, and Central America is no exception. The shiny feathers of ketzal have long been popular since the Mayan days, when they were used for hats and ceremonies. But in addition to ketzal you have several parrots, toucans and other birds that migrate from the Americas.

    To fully see and appreciate wildlife, it is best to get off the main tourist routes and see what is beyond them. It may not be a luxury holiday, but to make the most of it, you’re likely to find yourself in hostels, guesthouses or campsites throughout the area.

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