The easiest way to learn more about 32 processes is the demo auction. The demo auction will give you a general idea of how a silent auction is conducted and what information can be provided. All participants and bids will be removed from the demo auction every evening, so have fun trying it out! We recommend taking a look at the overview page, which provides a general overview of how the auction page works and the steps required to conduct the auction. There is a help page with answers to frequently asked questions that we receive and a testimonials page.

To edit the donor information, click the Donor Management link in the Administrator Control menu. Find the donor you want to edit and click on the Edit link that appears next to it. Saved changes are visible on all auction items for which the donor is displayed at all foundation auctions, including those that have been terminated. This allows them to continue to bid for you on bid sheets, up to the maximum bid amount. Please note, what happens at the end of the online auction with the transition to the live event function? If you have any questions, you can contact the auction administrator.

Traditionally, the donors who could participate in a silent auction were limited to those who are close to their event. Since the silent auction software allows you to create offers on your mobile silent auction ideas phone, it will be easier for anyone to participate in your fundraiser. When choosing an end date and time for an online auction, we recommend taking enough time to move on to the live event.

Use the filter in the upper right corner of the item list to select which items are displayed. Click the ” View contact information” link at the top of the Speaker column to view the contact information of each speaker. You can also click on the Invoice link next to a sold item or on the Invoices tab to view the highest bidder’s invoice including their contact information. This strategy works with in-person events such as live and silent auctions and is essential for virtual fundraising and online auctions. Mobile bidding allows you to make the auction accessible to a much wider audience, which is important for attracting online supporters and increasing your supporter base in the future. At the beginning of the bid, set the bid increase that will drive the bids.

The reserve is the minimum bid that an auction item must reach before ownership is transferred to the bidder. Just because your item didn’t fetch the price you expected doesn’t mean you can’t get that price from the right buyer. For the auction of each item, a specialist will need about two minutes, and for a direct order (aka a rowing lift, special call) – five to ten minutes .

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