America was a country where everyone, regardless of race, religion or belief, could achieve their dreams if they worked smart, tough, and long enough.

It was built on the shoulders of generations of American workers who are proud of their work.

And America was built by the dreams and energy of a small business owner who had the best product or the best way, and an insistence on developing his ideas into a thriving business that would support his family.

First of all, more than in any other country in the world, America was governed by people, people and for people. The Central Bank, insurance companies and other influential financial powers within its borders were forced to obey the laws of human decency and justice enacted to protect the health and well-being of their citizens.

U.S. citizens are protected by child labor laws that prohibit the exploitation of children, laws that require employers not only to compensate employees for permanent bodily harm, but also laws that require employers to provide safe and healthy working conditions. Unemployment insurance protects American workers from financial ruin. And, thanks to the power of collective bargaining, many workers have been using preferential plans for more than 50 years to get the world’s best health care.

In addition, companies operating within U.S. borders are legally required to conduct their businesses in a way that protects the air and water quality on which we all depend in terms of our health and prosperity. To comply with these environmental laws, companies often have to spend millions of dollars installing special equipment or using production methods that are far less effective than other environmentally damaging methods.

Since the 1980s, cracks have been emerging in the powerful American system, which maintained the highest standard of living for its workers from all nations in the history of the world.

Now the apple cart is upside down. Our nation is on the verge of self-judgment. The experiment, developed by Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and his other founding fathers, was destroyed.

Many people point the finger and blame everything from socialist forces and excessive state control over companies to opposing, excessive control of the state by companies.

But the real problem is as simple as apple pie.

Most businesses operating within U.S. borders cannot compete with businesses in other countries.

Ensuring a high standard of living for American workers and protecting the environment cost American businesses trillions of dollars annually.

Foreign companies, which treat their employees and the environment as a garbage can, are much cheaper than American businesses.

To make matters worse, there is no way to make things impossible for America, to contribute to the success of their businesses and their economies, foreign governments treating their citizens like garbage, manipulate the value of their currency and restrict the import of products.

At a time when the American way of life was destroyed by foreign governments defending their businesses and their economies, preventing American companies from competing with foreign companies, our leaders preached and practiced “free trade” as if it were the gospel. a successful economy.

While the world’s foreign countries have practiced “trade protectionism” to build their economies in leaps and bounds since the 1980s, America, its free-trade government, has failed because companies operating on domestic borders cannot compete with companies from developing countries. World. who practice trade protectionism.

We are free to open American markets to all developing countries in the world. Countries using trade protectionism, such as China and Japan, have flooded our markets with cheaper goods. We bought Chinese goods at Walmart because they were cheaper. But with every dollar we thought we were saving, we were lowering the wages and living standards of working Americans.

To make matters worse, to take advantage of the cheap labor costs of low-wage workers operating abroad, U.S. companies have invested in developing factories and other industries overseas and reducing the U.S. manufacturing base. Their plan was to reduce production costs by building factories overseas and importing cheaper parts. How could they not realize that Americans can no longer afford to buy their products if they stop paying American workers to produce the same products?

Chinese companies would not be able to offer their products at lower prices than American companies if China had not participated in trade protectionism and currency manipulation. Chinese goods at Walmart would not be cheaper than goods produced in the United States if a Chinese worker received a living wage and a decent standard of living.

The only way to save the United States of America is for its citizens to recognize that free trade destroys them.

What is most disappointing is that those in power know that free trade is destroying America.

In fact, the destruction of America is deliberate.

America is a breeding ground for the belief that skilled workers are entitled to greater profits and wealth from the successes of the national industry.

America is a breeding ground for the belief that a person who works hard and smartly to become professional in his services should have a higher standard of living, health and well-being, allowing him to acquire wealth.

America is a breeding ground for the belief that life can be fun, carefree and full of opportunities to realize the American dream.

Destroying America will not only destroy this precious belief that workers have legitimate potential to profit from economic activity, but its destruction will also add millions of American citizens to the reluctant, easily vulnerable workforce of the world.

Because the destruction of the American way of life is caused by a deliberate free-trade policy that prevents American companies and their domestic workers from competing, the American standard of living will be lost if we humans do not wake up and demand the abolition of the death penalty.

If our government doesn’t protect our own business, if our government doesn’t protect our jobs from third-world workers who live in poverty, no matter how hard they work, then American workers should make an effort to equalize the rules of the game. otherwise they will be in poverty.

We have to take two steps and do them now.

First, find and vote for politicians who support America’s trade protectionism.

Never vote for a politician who supports free trade. A politician who preaches free trade, or a Republican Democrat, is a puppet involved in the destruction of America.

To maintain America’s standard of living, we need to get Americans back to work by levying import duties and imposing import quotas so that our businesses can compete with businesses in countries that don’t compete fairly, and countries that manipulate their currency can sell. discounted goods in America, countries that use child labour, countries that pollute the air without regulations, countries that don’t pay their workers enough to have a decent standard of living, and countries that treat their workers like dirt.

If you think that child labor should be illegal, if you think you need to spend money to maintain clean air, if you think that the average worker should be compensated, if he can’t work because of ‘injury at work’, then you better buy American and stop voting for free trade politicians because American companies can’t compete with countries that cut costs by exploiting their people and the planet.

Stop voting for politicians who grieve and complain about countries applying unfair trade practices and currency manipulation to grow their economies. Vote for politicians who will take action and restrict imports from uncompetitive countries. Vote for politicians who are willing to use import duties, import quotas and other trade protection measures to protect America from unscrupulous trading countries such as China.

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