If you take a bus from the city center to travel ahead, S-Bahn 8 or 9 will take you to the city quickly and cheaply in a few minutes. Buy tickets at one of the ticket machines before boarding the S-Bahn. So if you arrive on time, you can work on a short excursion on the way to your final destination. If your flight is late, just go directly to your destination. These tickets will also be refunded for the first day of travel.

It reminded me of the provincial fair we used to go to when we were growing up. A traditional Oktoberfest dress for women is called hotel oktoberfest dirndl, and for men it is called lederhosen. You can expect to spend a few hundred dollars to get all the pieces into the rattle.

However, many Germans speak English, especially in hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions. In large cities, Germans generally speak some English, especially in places that serve tourists. But remember that you’re in a foreign country, so you shouldn’t automatically expect people to speak your language.

Even if there are no means to check who is entering or leaving the Ubahn or Sbahn, checks are carried out very frequently and you will certainly be fined. In restaurants, depending on the place, you also have to pay cash for amounts up to 15 – 20 EUR or they do not accept credit cards. That said, all this mone will soon add up and, for example, a taxi from the airport to the city center will be more than 50 EUR. Or have you been before, but not in Munich or Bavaria?

Couchsurf – Although it’s free, it’s also difficult because locals get a lot of requests or have friends you can stay with. With that in mind, you should submit applications in advance. Wombats City Hostel – This is one of the best hostels in Munich and is just a 15-minute walk from the festival site. Tradition: Another family-run store, Tradition, is Oide Wiesn’s largest tent and emphasizes, you guessed it, a more traditional experience.

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