People prefer to be empowered or empowered, so I ask you which one do you prefer? As for me, I prefer to be a 100% clear entrepreneur, set my own rules of life and, ultimately, determine my destiny.

As an insider of UnFranchise®, I am increasingly in love with the way the possession of UnFranchise® provides us with financial stability comparable to the pyramids in Egypt.

We are truly unique in many ways, and Internet marketing and the eternal power of online retail from the business in which we run our business, although MA provides us with the most robust infrastructure to support our efforts and inspiration to break through and conquer the retail internet business in billions of homes around the world.

Although I will never be asked again if Market America is a pyramid scheme, if I was asked, I would return the investigation process to the person who asked me. How can we consider a pyramid of a company with 600 employees around the world, which is currently recruiting employees and which every day is looking for and finding more and more media?

Even in this “tense and weakened” economy, our leadership team has been around for almost 20 years. As for this year, MA will expand its pre-existing operations in 5 countries in 2011, which will increase the number of new employees already 100 and the growing number of new employees to support growth in what is expected to be four more growth challenges. 2011.

2012 marks the age of 20, and as you continue to check whether there is a Pyramid of Market America. Focus your research efforts on these two factors:

Their net profit – total revenue in fiscal 2009 was about $500 million.

Private companies usually don’t want to have anything to do with participating in the audit process, but as J. said. R. Rydinger, founder and CEO, “We are no longer involved in the process, and we have nothing to hide.”

Market America Business Practices – For the last 3 years; Google, Microsoft and hundreds of other business conglomerates have tried to buy our machine for internet marketing…

“NOT FOR THE WORLD,” says the Younger Rydinger! In my humble opinion, I do not believe that any legal departments of these companies would have come out of the first phase of their plans if they saw in Market America fraud, pyramid, plan or unknown what.

By the end of 2012, Market America could bring in $1 billion in sales, and I’d like to list a few reasons why I think this dream could come true on Market America:

The total sales of their cosmetics line by Loren Ridinger exceeded $12 million in 2009 (compared to $4 million in 2008).
More than 2,500 health professionals work with NutraMetrix (the fastest growing industry in Massachusetts).
Market America currently has offices in North America, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, and will soon become more prominent in Europe and most likely Mexico.
They have more than 300 independent owners of UnFranchise® who have earned more than $1 million in outpatient consultations, and tens of thousands more are getting a stable six-figure stream.
They have established “prosperous” partnerships with hundreds of “Internet-connected” retailers seeking to capitalize on the market for online real estate Market America PRIME and their customer base, FAST BUY AND THE FAN.
The parent company’s website currently ranks 54th in the ranking of the 100 largest online stores … compared to 66 in the previous survey. Changed locations with a little-known company Disney.
I think the main reason Why Market America is not a pyramid is that right now, as today, you could be the No.1 source of income in less than 3 years if you wanted to!

In American companies, this system is configured to pay you depending on your title and tenure, you become a hostage, working under one of them when you show up – you get a paid system, and your growth is limited by available positions, and the expected growth of someone else’s business!

Take responsibility for your financial future… after all, it is you who should spend the rest of your life in it.

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