The city of San Francisco, California, will be added to the list of host cities of the 34th America’s Cup. Old Moog, as it is called by fans of yacht racing, returns to the United States for the first time in 18 years.

And Louis Vuitton is taking over the sponsorship of the regatta series, which will determine the contender for the 2013 competition. This brings the Louis Vuitton Cup back to the America’s Cup World Series, and its 25-year resumption helps determine the most competitive player to meet the defender of the American team Oracle.

British America’s Cup

It all started in 1851. Henry W. Paget, 1st Marquess of Anglesey, presented this ornate trophy to the Royal YachtIng Squadron as a prize for the annual regatta around the Isle of Wight.

The yacht “America” won the race and was named after the winner of the America’s Cup.

The Boat Union, which owned the schooner “America”, awarded the award to the New York Yacht Club in 1857; always remain available for international competitions. The Cup remained there until 1983. The record-breaking series of victories of the New York Yacht Club was broken by the yacht “Australia II” which is operated by the Royal Yacht Club of Perth.

Louis Vuitton joins the team

1983 was a turning point for another important reason … The Louis Vuitton Cup will be a Challenger regatta series that will determine which yacht club Defender will meet. From the 3rd America’s Cup in 1876 to the 20th Game in 1967, there was no more than one challenger for challenger.

The situation changed in 1970. More participants needed a method to identify the strongest athlete in the Auld Cup.

Louis Vuitton Cup

In 2007, Louis Vuitton ended nearly a quarter of a century of sponsorship of the America’s Cup. In 2011, the Copa America (ACEA) proudly announced the return of Louis Vuitton to the 34th America’s Cup, which will be held in the San Francisco Bay Area.

ACEA plans to move the competition for the oldest active trophy in international sport into the 21st century. Their goal is to convey to the public the fun and excitement of yacht racing, which has never happened before. For the first time, the yacht race will not be held miles from the shore. The geography of the Gulf gives viewers a natural amphitheatre of huge sizes … and San Francisco Bay is the scene.

Front row seats … on land and in the gulf

Tourist boats sail along the coast from the Bay Bridge, past Fisherman’s Wharf, past Fort Mason and Chrissy Field to Fort Point under the Golden Gate Bridge. Other floating caps are anchored in Sausalito and Angel Island.

American Motor Speedway

The proposed route is an amoeba circle with the island of Alcatraz as a central element. For the first time in history, the vision of the America’s Cup could be better off the ground…

Marin Headlands
Angel Island
Treasure Island
Alcatraz Island
… and personal homes. San Francisco is full of hills with great views of the bay, and the Financial District has many high-rise buildings with spectacular views of the racetrack.

Global media saturation

Cutting-edge innovations in television and Internet broadcasting will allow the viewer to enjoy a unique experience of sailing on a catamaran at high speed … with a pontoon in the air! Built-in microphones (perhaps even navigation cameras) and more provide a boat ride experience that the viewer couldn’t even dream of.

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