Itemerie hasn’t missed a single opportunity to include details to distinguish this bag. This light pink vegan leather bag clutch is a great way to go sustainable. It’s essentially the perfect size to add a few items and go shopping. We love that Itemerie specializes in a wide range of eco-friendly, fair trade and sustainable items, including household items, personal care and jewelry.

Svala creates luxury design vegan bags, purses, handbags and handbags. Each bag is sustainably and ethically handmade in Los Angeles with high-quality premium vegan leather PU, cork and Piñatex. We love that the Simma Tote is big enough for your daily essentials, including a 13″ Macbook.

Sandqvist uses leather from Scandinavian cattle, originally bred for food production; this ensures full traceability, guarantees good livestock farming and minimizes the impact on the environment. In addition, the brand’s Boating tanneries are classified as gold or silver by LWG. In addition to caring for our earth, Sandqvist also cares about our people and ensures safe and fair working conditions that are controlled by the Fair Wear Foundation.

Those that are too damaged to donate are recycled and used to make new products, such as cosmetics or lunch bags. If reusing your carry-on luggage doesn’t spark your creativity, you can always recycle them. Bags made of polypropylene are currently the only material that can be recycled.

Reco’s patchwork bags are made of dead leather and aim to reduce waste within the fashion industry. The Parisian brand, founded by luxury handbag designer Bea Recoder, currently offers three styles, the Didi, piti and rombo, which are available in limited edition colours depending on the materials available. Kayu Design produces handmade handbags, using all-natural materials.

Nisolo expects a world in which consumers know where their products are made and by whom. This carbon-neutral brand provides access to the international market, fair trade wages and safe working conditions for all its teams, which in turn create beautiful and timeless raw materials. This collection of handmade leather bags is handmade in Peru and Mexico and is stylish and sturdy, so it’s sure to stand out wherever you go.

For durable bags born and raised in the UK, know that many of the Elvis & Kresse bags and accessories are not only made with materials of British origin, but also in their workshop in Kent. Without the promise of a long shelf life, eco-friendly handbags would not be effective in achieving their intended goals. The real power of these exchanges is the impact they have had on society. With a valid alternative available, awareness around the negative aspects that plastic bags bring has increased. In terms of disposal, paper bags are better than their plastic counterparts.

Made from recycled materials, Rothy’s collects ocean-bound plastic waste within 30 miles of coastline and marine environments and transforms it into sustainable toiletry bags that are fully machine washable. The latter is an important feature when it comes to those unfortunate cosmetic spills. When comparing garbage bags made with recycled plastic, consider the percentage of the bag made from recycled materials. In most cases, only part of the bag uses recycled materials, so one company may use significantly more recycled materials than another. Garbage bags made from plant materials have the ability to break down and return nutrients to the soil if delivered to a composting facility.

Everything is made by hand in a factory in downtown Los Angeles to ensure full transparency and fair working conditions. The Dutch brand combines style and a responsible approach and creates sustainable vintage-inspired, robust and elegant bags made from sustainable materials, including high-quality eco-leather. While some with animal welfare in mind may prefer a vegan learning approach, O My Bag believes eco-leather is the way to go.

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