A steel bar is a slab of steel that has been formed for further processing. Stainless steel bars are often cut into smaller components or used in their raw form for a variety of applications. A 316 stainless steel bar is preferred in numerous applications. It has several attributes that make it the ideal material of choice in industrial and commercial uses.

Here are some properties of 316 stainless steel that make it a much sought-after material:

This is a molybdenum rod grade and can be classified under the austenitic steel category.

The particular grade of steel demonstrates good corrosion resistance, making it much sought after in a variety of commercial and industrial applications. It is also preferred in high-chloride environments.

This material shows ready break forming and welding characteristics, making it an easy-to-form material. With this, the material easily lends itself to industrial, commercial, architectural and other fabrication purposes.

The use of 316 grade is widespread in the marine sector, as this steel grade demonstrates better resistance to corrosion even harsh marine environments.

The heat resistance properties of this grade of stainless steel make a strong case for it. It is resistant to carbide precipitation when it is used in temperatures ranging from 425 degrees centigrade to 860 degrees centigrade.

In addition to these desirable attributes, the weld properties of this variety of steel are significantly better than other types of steel bars. In the context of welding, the 316L grade is preferred. The ‘L’ symbol signifies a lower carbon rate. This makes the material better to weld.

What are the common applications of a 316 stainless steel bar?

There are several applications that depend on the use of 316 or 316L stainless steel bars, pipes, tubes, sheets, and plates. Some of the common products in which this particular material is used include equipment and machinery that is used for processing food and beverages, marine fittings for boats and ships, equipment for use in labs, large containers for transporting chemicals, fastening components such as threaded rods, nuts, and bolts, springs and so on. Thus, it is evident that many of the items that we come across on a daily basis are manufactured using them.

Whether you need to make use of a 316 stainless steel bar or any other component, it is important to procure these from a reputable metal distributor. The quality of the material will directly impact the quality and durability of your end component. There are a few reputable distributors that conform to ASTM/ASME, SAE, AMS and military specifications.

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