Share travel insurance details with a trusted family member. AIG Travel realizes that, in addition to the safety, medical and security needs of all travelers, women can also have unique travel considerations. With a reputation for providing a full range of global travel and support services, we have products and options to help women prepare for the unexpected when exploring the world. Unfortunately, only one traveler is more likely to receive cat summonses, harassment, and fraud arrest than men or those traveling in a group. Yes, the first time you travel alone as a woman (and a man)!

Traveling alone as a woman can seem like a scary way to explore the world for many people. But the truth is that thousands of women travel alone and are more independent and safer because of this. If you’re lucky, nothing bad will happen on your journey. I went on the first 4-5 trips without travel insurance and everything was fine.

Tourism companies are experiencing a significant increase in interest in single travel. It depends entirely on the source of the question. I don’t feel the need to be polite or honest if that houston office space for rent endangers my safety. On the other hand, you should definitely tell close friends or family where you are or share your itinerary with them to keep them safe, but do not publish your place.

I think we are strong women and we can handle things. Avoid dark alleys, always watch drinks, always tell someone where you are. Finally, the famous tour to the beginning of your journey. In a new city it is not only a great way to get a proper introduction to the area, but also an opportunity to ask questions for more safety advice from the local guide.

The highest individual travel advice for the flight is to carry a pair of linen and toothbrush (you managed to remember about 50% of the time). The list often includes India, which was one of my favorite travel destinations. You need to remember that these days, anyone can post for free online. Frustratingly, many publications use the words “danger” and “feminine” as a clip to attract people to read their articles. In an ideal world, everyone will be enthusiastic and supportive of your journey. In fact, people can be passive for several reasons.

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