If the pixel pitch is 10mm, the screen should be 63 feet long before it was HD. The most common sizes used in meetings and corporate events today are 3-6mm and 14-20mm for outdoor events. An expensive installation makes the final bill of the screen more expensive and also entails a complex move.

The smaller pixel pitch offers more space for LEDs on the screen. This results in brighter, sharper images with high resolution. Billboard screens can be different sizes with the same pixel pitch.

The only thing you have to worry about when installing any of these is to keep it straight. Blue Line Media is not the exclusive provider of advertising formats presented on this website. Below are 18 color combinations tested for visibility at different distances by the OAAA. Visibility is classified in the order shown, with 1 being the most visible and 18 the least visible. A strong contrast in both tone and value is essential for creating a good digital format outdoors. Rich and bold background colors work best during the day, while pastel colors are more vibrant at night.

LED Direct View videowall installations are used all over the world to transform spaces and create a dramatic visual impact. Churches, schools, offices and retailers create vibrant, dynamic and memorable experiences in a variety of indoor and outdoor locations. If you’re led screen supplier considering an LED wall, one of your main options is pixel pitch selection, but you may be wondering, what is pixel pitch? What are the most important considerations when choosing pixel pitch? Let’s see how to choose the right pixel step for your LED video wall project.

Self-adhesive vinyl: Self-adhesive vinyl billboards are also better for long-term contracts, as they can’t be moved and these billboards can have more complicated designs. Incorporating traditional or digital outdoor marketing into your social and mobile media portfolio can increase consumer reach by effectively immersing the desired audience. Mike Walsh is a veteran of more than 15 years in the AV industry, bringing extensive knowledge of AV design, implementation, service and sales to DGI.

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