For those who need to keep their headset at their fingertips for daily Zoom meetings, a headphone stand is another priceless accessory to pick up. If you want to keep your favorite can on your desk, I’m a big fan of this Avantree wooden stand. Its neutral design helps it fit into most spaces and it’s high enough for most earbuds to fit. If the desk space in your home office is absolutely tight, headphone hook holders are another great option, although cable management can be challenging if you prefer to use wired headphones. If you want a MagSafe iPhone charger that lasts well and Apple’s MagSafe Duo doesn’t cut it, then the mophie 3-in-1 travel charger is the one you should buy.

To test the data transfer capabilities of Thunderbolt 3 cables, we connected one end of each cable to a LaCie Bolt3 and the other end to the 13-inch MacBook and AJA System Test Lite. To test power consumption, we used Apple’s 13-inch laptop, ammeter, and 61W USB-C power adapter and noted the maximum power consumption readings on the ammeter and laptop system report. To test USB-C to USB-C cables for MacBook Pro and other high-performance laptops, we used the same methods, but with the Samsung T3 instead of the LaCie Bolt3. The Moshi Integra USB-C to USB-A charging cable had decent charging capabilities in our tests, has a good length (5 feet) and is wrapped in a nice looking braided fabric.

For example, Google’s Pixel 6 only shows “Fast Charge,” whether it’s connected to a 9W or 30W charger. If you’re an owner, like OnePlus’ SuperVOOC, you’ll need to buy a source charger. Universal standards such as USB Power Delivery open the door to many third-party options.

By keeping your cable container in a cabinet or in a media cabinet, you get quick access and can easily see all the wires inside. The flanges ensure that you can always pull out the cable you need. With more than enough power for any of the MacBook Pro models and then some, this little workhorse of a charger is a must-have for laptop users working from home.

This four-port gallium nitride-mounted can deliver 100W when only one USB-C port is used, enough to quickly charge a 14-inch MacBook Pro or charge a standard 16-inch MacBook Pro. You can also charge a 14-inch MacBook Pro, iPad Air USB-C, or Pro as standard for those who use Universal Control. That extra 20W free margin means you can charge everything you need next to your laptop in a snap via the two USB-A ports. Holding this small power plant to your desk with a power strip is an easy way to get power when you need it. Apple’s addition of MagSafe to the iPhone 12 forced accessory manufacturers to drastically change to make pads that support two phones harder to find today.

The reason for this is that Phase 1 only uses the Phase 1 area of the network, and Phase 3 uses them all for fast charging. Essentially, this gives you an indication of the power in the fuse and how much power can be used before the fuse fails and blows. If you think of the fuse in terms of power, then the 32A will be able to offer a higher level of power and charging speed than a 10A fuse.

Tom is senior editor of the electric vehicle news site, InsideEVs, and has been covering the plug-in vehicle industry since 2012. Tom also manages the YouTube channel State of Charge, a site dedicated to EV charging news and equipment reviews. Tom is widely regarded today as one of the leading iPhone adapter experts in the field of electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging equipment. Wired units are first mounted on the wall, and then the wiring is routed directly to the device. Plug-in units are simply mounted on the wall above or below the 240-volt outlet and then connected.

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