Finally, just like above, where I showed you the idea of the bag, this following reader example reinforces that it is not limited to the key storage wall. Another common option is to combine your key storage method with a place to store other common items that you often take with you. As with virtually any storage or organizational solution, you can choose from utilitarian and decorative ideas.

With its stainless steel D-ring, you can connect it to an external key ring or serve as a mounting point for a larger key ring for aerodynamic configuration in your pocket. Keychains are a simple means of carrying one or more keys. Easy accessibility is an important feature of this transport method. The key rings can be worked in a loop or bag, so that the keys remain ready if necessary. As such, it is a good idea to alternate which loops or parts of straps you use.

If you still need a spare car key set, call us for help. We provide the most important cutting services you need to create a reliable set of parts. There are many important organizing products on the market.

You can try to group them into small groups based on their daily activity, and even put them in a series based on step-by-step use. Add a tag instead of a color to each key, especially if you have a lot. If the keys continue to add, it would be an idea to use the “technology” (flagship-based access systems, etc.) To change.).

It’s the same if you lose your car keys while you’re gone; How to get home to get them?? In any case, having spare keys in the house is not the best solution. I closed the circle and now I have a complete minimalist key ring. We only use the garage doors to enter the house, so there is no need to carry the house key. (We hid a key from the emergency center in a neighbor’s, just in case.) I keep my husband’s car key in a separate ring because I never use it. All shopping cards are now stored on my smartphone with KeyRing, although my strategy was to have the store search my account before smartphones.

Woven by hand with Paracord Type III 550, the RMK contains an HK safety hook to attach to a belt bag or loop. An important feature is the magnetic lock that allows easy and quick access to the keys without separating the entire key ring. The Driver Key Clip has reflective tires to increase visibility and is designed to hook into a belt loop long enough to store keys in a back pocket so they don’t sound as they walk. The Keybrid reduces volume by combining an empty space and a key ring in one. Available in a selection of blanks to duplicate your existing key, you can attach it to a belt loop, bag or pocket edge.

I should have explained that the reason there are no extra keys is that the weight of other keys weighs the angle of the car key and negatively affects the ignition switch over time. The result is a simplified and messy key ring, with that important car key in an easy to find place. Keys that wood keychains you are sure you want to keep, but that you don’t always need, can go to a separate key ring that you keep at home. My mom’s key has a new home with other spare keys. But there is certainly some fear in the messy keys, isn’t it?? If you lose sight of what a key is for, you fear the worst.

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