The Best Superhero Of The Team Name Generator For Games

    The Best Superhero Of the team name generator For Games

    From the 1930s superheroes have been thought to be a very lucrative business, getting millions of dollars in for collector things, blockbuster hits, and amazing stories. The fantastic comic book sold for more than $2.16 million in 2011 and is thought to be the beginning book of the superhero category. Here is a bunch of superhero team names to help promote the creation of your team name.

    So if you are stumped when it arrives in superhero team names, whether they are the alpha-team or the underdogs, this list is where you might discover the perfect team name.

    Superhero Team Names

    The Aberrations

    The Angels

    The Arachnid Crusaders

    The Augmented Alliance

    The Aura Clan

    The Behemoth Heroes

    The Blitz Guards

    The Cardinal Marvels

    The Champions

    The Coverts

    The Crisis Troopers

    The Crux Force

    The Custodian Centurions

    The Demon Witch

    The Destiny Knights

    The Divine Allies

    The Eerie Masters

    The Elite

    The Enigma Centurions

    The Enigmas

    The Freak Watch

    The Future League

    The Galaxy Defenders

    The Global Guardians

    The Goliaths

    The Guardians

    The Infernals

    The Infinity Squadron

    The Inventions

    The Ironclad Crusaders

    The Justice Defenders

    The Maestros

    The Maroon Alliance

    The Maroons

    The Mirage Troopers

    The Mirages

    The Myriad Oracles

    The Nebulas

    The Nightmares

    The Omega Battalion

    The Omegas

    The Oracles

    The Paradox Outcasts

    The Paramount Watch

    The Phantom Oracles

    The Phenomenon Syndicate

    The Pinnacle Rebels

    The Pioneers

    The Primal Marvels

    The Prodigy Pack

    The Revelation Rangers

    The Shadow Centurions

    The Shadow Rangers

    The Shepherd Pack

    The Silent Ones

    The Skirmish Heroes

    The Sovereign Soldiers

    The Spectrals

    The Storm Force

    The Storm Knights

    The Terra Syndicate

    The Thunders

    The Trinities

    The Vagrant Outcasts

    The Vigilante Custodians

    The Vindicators

    The Void Unit

    The Whispers

    The Wings

    The Wonders

    Villain Team Names

    In contrast to superhero team names, you also need a name for your villain team that promotes just how despicable they are. So here are a handful of villain team names you can select from.

    The Aberrations

    The Blood Oracles

    The Cobra Heroes

    The Cobras

    The Crackerjacks

    The Crazed

    The Daemon League

    The Deviations

    The Devils

    The Feral Squad

    The Fiends

    The Flux Fighters

    The Freak Brawlers

    The Infernal Knights

    The Infernal Legion

    The Infernals

    The Inferno Guardians

    The Jackal Squad

    The Lunatics

    The Malevolent

    The Marauders

    The Nemeses

    The Omens

    The Outcasts

    The Riot Wings

    The Supreme Rebels

    The Vagabonds

    The Vagrants

    The Vipers

    The Wretched

    All-Star Squadron

    Alpha Flight

    Birds of Prey

    Challenger Patrol

    Chief Rebels

    Covert Alliance



    Defenders of the Earth


    Doom Patrol



    Fantastic Force

    Fantastic Four

    Force Works

    Freedom Fighters


    Gen 13

    Generation X

    Gotham City Sirens

    Green Lantern Corps

    Guardians of the Galaxy


    Heroes for Hire


    Infinity Inc.


    Justice League

    Justice Machine

    Justice Society Of America

    Kickers, Inc.

    Maestro Soldiers


    Metal Men

    New Mutants


    Nova Unit

    Omega Men



    Power Pack

    Secret Avengers

    Secret Six

    Sentinels of Magic

    Seven Soldiers

    Shadow Cabinet



    Squadron Supreme


    T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents

    Teen Titans

    The Authority

    The Avengers

    The Defenders

    The Golems

    The Heralds

    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

    The Lunatics

    The Strangers

    The Suicide Squad

    The Watchman


    Trinity Angels




    Wild C.A.T.S

    World Watch




    Young Justice

    Zoo Crew

    In the past years, the top-selling comics are notified to be The Amazing Spider-Man and Batman. While the fantastic and well-renowned stories and graphics get readers from across the world, Iron man and Spider-Man can be thought to be the top-selling superhero films. The below infographic outlines the topmost financial statistics of the superhero industry.

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